Should your Accreditation Management Software be Cloud-Based or On-Premise?

When evaluating accreditation management systems, the decision of on-premise or cloud-based can divide decision-makers. Below we discuss the pros and cons of both camps. While many solutions are leaning towards cloud-based these days, it’s important to evaluate the factors that matter most to your organization. We are going to look into the cost, security, scalability and user access regarding each option.

Image of the stormwater maintenance inspection template

Underground Storage Tank and Stormwater Management Inspections [Free Download]

Oftentimes, public works departments are still using pen and paper for the majority of their inspections. The first step to efficiently conducting public works inspections is conducting these inspections online and collecting the data in real-time. Utilize the underground storage tank and stormwater management inspection templates to start collecting uniform data in your department that can be analyzed and help enhance your preventive maintenance programs while saving your department time and resources.

A woman holding two thumbs up for self-assessments

4 Best Practices When Offering Self-Assessments for Accreditation and Compliance

Self-assessments and internal audits are very important when dealing with accreditation, safety and compliance. For accreditation bodies, offering a self-assessment module to your clients positions your organization as a resource to improve and succeed more so than a deeming body. For compliance and safety related organizations – such as a facilities management group, a self-assessment could act as a ‘preventive maintenance program.’ In both cases, self-assessments…

Large group of people in different colored shirts to symbolize document organization

Folders, Tags or Both: Which Document Organization Strategy is Right for You?

Every company that proactively manages risk, safety, quality or compliance has a love/hate relationship with documents (mostly hate). Audits, assessments, incident reports, checklists, management reports, corrective action, the list goes on. These complex processes produce unprecedented paper trails leading to a stockpile of documents that need to be organized, stored and easily accessed.