an iphone that could be used for a risk audit, safety inspection or accreditation survey or onsite assessment

Conduct an Accreditation Survey or Onsite Assessment with your Smartphone

With the mobile nature of accreditation surveys and quality assessments, it makes sense to incorporate a mobile strategy in your auditing practices.

There are plenty of options out there when choosing smartphones and you should expect accreditation management software to work properly on any of them, not to mention larger format tablets. Many insist that the size or form-factor of even the largest smart phone is not adequate for the data collection activities that are necessary for an audit. It may be true that utilizing a smartphone to type up a full audit findings and recommendations report is less than ideal, but its usefulness in collecting information during the physical walkthrough or inspection should be considered.

two children smiling showing the importance of childcare compliance and safety

When Compliance Equals the Safety of Children

Compliance, quality, risk management, safety. These terms are often interchangeable when assessing adherence to a set of guidelines. It is obvious that when speaking of quality, my healthcare customers are always measuring everything they do to a standard and mission of increasing patient safety. Compliance, quality and risk management often mean safety to manufacturing and service clients also.

Two men with clipboards conducting a field quality audit

Field Quality Audit Efficiency Tools – 3 Reasons to Equip Your Auditors

Of all the likely end users of a software system for managing compliance, safety inspection and field quality audit procedures; auditors, assessors or surveyors are asked to do the most, with the least. Auditors are often deployed with templates, checklists, case files and spreadsheets, but not much in the way of technology tools for streamlining their data collection and reporting.